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In 2012
> Saurimo, Uige, Menongue and Cabinda Regular Chains were other milestone achievements to be established withing Angola.

> In the same year, Eternal Namibia was officially launched in Windhoek the capital city of Namibia with one branch in Oshakati a very highly populated and commercial town in the North of the country.

> After more than six years of development, Eternal Angola has made considerable progress in all respects. The work force keeps growing, with approximately reaching 60 personnel supported by an escalating enthusiastic and hard working independent distributing and marketing personnel of over 200,000 of which 99%  are Angolan locals which effectively enhances the strength and operations of the company comprehensively.

> In November 2012, the company achieved  major breakthroughs in its development by opening and establishing  new branches such as Eternal Congo, and Eternal Brazil. Early 2013, Eternal Zambia was the latest branch to be established right in Lusaka the capital and business city of the country spearheaded by very determined and focused individuals and management team. In 2011
>  Three (3) Eternal Regular Chains were opened in other provinces of Angola; such as Benguela, Malange and Lubango.

In 2010
> The company embraced a rapid development programme and established its.

> Thefirst overseas large scale investment by constructing the Fuyuan Hospital in Luanda, Angola.

In 2009 (A milestone year)
> The company purchased 22 hectares of land in Angola to build its own office premises and living area.

> The first Eternal regular chain went into operation in Huambo.

In 2008
> The company successfully entered the Angolan market and its products have been sold like hot cakes. Eternal has widely grown to be accepted and highly recognized by the locals who have tremendously benefited as a source of self employment which earns them an extra tax free income and of course good health from the use of the nutritional food supplements.

> Eternal -business is booming and on the right track. Employees increased from 1 to 6.

In 2007
> Eternal was officially founded.
> Founders of Eternal went to Angola to survey Angola’s investment environment and investment feasibility which was found to be ripe and very conducive for business. Ground and paper work started back then.

 > Eternal Angola was incorporated as an overseas venture. At that time, office conditions of Angolan Company were very simple with only one employee initially.

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