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China Fuyuan Hospital built in 2011 in Vienna District, Luanda is a leading Chinese Medical Institution established in accordance with international standards and clinics based on latest and comprehensive technology. The hospital includes Medical Department, Surgery Department, Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Pediatrics Department, E.N.T. Department, Ophthalmology Department, TCM Acupuncture Department, Ultrasound Department, Radiology Department, Clinical Laboratory and so on, which is equipped with clinical double spiral CT scanner, 500MA multifunctional digitized gastrointestinal machine, Kodak CR digital tablet, X-ray imaging system, Philips HD color doppler ultrasonography, automated blood cell analyzer, 800 automatic biochemical analyzer of America, coagulometer, electrolyte analyzer, chemiluminescence analyzer, automated urine dry chemistry analyzer and many others.

The hospital has abundant technical force and 12 junior and intermediate professionals, 5 associate chief physicians and 3 chief physicians. The Medical Department, which was founded first, has already gained high reputation among  the locals. The hospital is experienced in the treatment of heart diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, local common diseases and frequently encountered diseases. The Surgery Department is able to undertake general, orthopaedic, neurosurgery, urology, thoracic and other surgeries. It deals with  severe traumas, combined and multiple injuries, lumbar disc herniation and undertakes minimally invasive surgeries and internal and external fixation of fractures and joint replacements. Obstetrics and Gynecology Department has a wealth of experience of ectopic pregnancies, cesarean operations, postpartum hemorrhage, painless abortions, infertility disorders and other health ailments or diseases.

Adhering to the international standards, the hospital pursues medical excellence, provides services of high quality and is dedicated to solving the pain of all Chinese compatriots and local residents in Angola. Since its inception in 2011, the hospital has helped thousands of patients, providing quality and advanced modern  medical services such as quantum reasonance diagnostic health checks, surgery, treatment and a unique all-round medical services  that meet the patient's expectations, to pass love and care and to change the life quality of patients.

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