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Eternal Zambia, headquartered in Lusaka the capital of Zambia, is the largest seller of consumer goods and herbal health care products in Zambia and a well-known leading direct-marketing enterprise in the country. It health products have become house hold products quite popular among ordinary and business citizens of the country. The business has lifted up and changed peoples’ lives through awards of both financial and property acquisitions rendering people more financially independent. Moreover the daily and weekly trainings in both herbal nutrition supplements, community healthcare and care giving using herbal medical practices and net-work marketing business and communication and presentation strategies have empowered distributors with business skills that make them more effective and efficient in carrying out their duties which has resulted in higher sales and networking.  Net-work marketing is among the fastest growing and most lucrative business opportunities in the world today and so it is in Zambia and the rest of the African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania where Eternal has set up subsidiaries as well. Now and in the near future, high tech information and information technology and the use of computer capabilities with networking systems will enable more efficient marketing of goods and services to the end consumers.

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