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GCAT Congo Gold opened
Come: Hit:327 Date:2019/10/30

Congratulations on the official opening of GCAT Congo Gold Company. The invited guests were invited by the President, the Minister of the Interior and other eight government officials. They attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. The opening ceremony of the lottery gift has a smart bracelet smart phone, etc., the five-level dealer Sylvian because of the outstanding performance of the car to join GCAT, improve the quality of life, reduce the cost of living, increase living income.


GCAT is not only a brand, but also a way of life. We always believe that “good life has nothing to do with price”. For this reason, GCAT Yanchuang Excellence constantly strives to innovate in product research and development to reshape the new standard of “good” and break the boundary of “good products must be expensive”. The real good product "the value of the face, the quality and the price of the people" can not be less, GCAT Yanchuang excellent products hope to bring this value-for-money product to all African people.


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