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Shuangtiaoshunzhi is a kind of health food that takes isomalto-oligosacharide as main ingredient and developed by technology of a key scientific and technology project of National Ninth Five-Year Plan. It has been approved by the Ministry of Health and has the following functions:
1.After taking Shuangtiaoshunzhi for three weeks, the probiotics in body can be significantly increased (about 2-10 times), reaching the level of 20-year old young people.
2.Balancing intestinal flora and relaxing bowels (apparent improvement can be seen in 3-7 days and significant improvement in 7-21 days).
3.Promoting immunity. After taking for four weeks, C-cells will be increased to 1.6 times and B-cells doubled.
4.Detoxing the body and cleansing intestinal tract. After taking four weeks, methylindole will be reduced to 1/2.5 of original and methylphenol half of original. It prevents acne, freckle and black dot and inspires your inner beauty.
Shuangtiaoshunzhi is totally free of fat, cholesterol, hormone, antiseptic and calories.
[Suitable For]        
1.Patients with intestinal disorders, constipation or diarrhea
1.Successful women and office ladies: the inner beauty inspiring your confidence in life
2.Proprietors, managers and white collars with endocrine disorders and alteration of intestina flora led by working pressure, struggling in social activities and tension state for a long time
3.People with hypoimmunity and suffering cold

Patients who are using antibiotics and whose immunity are low during the period of chemoradiotherapy.
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