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Protein Powder

Protein, a main constitutive substance of human tissue, is the most needed nutrient of body and counts about 20% of body weight. It is crucial to growth and tissue repair and involves in all cells and important parts. The body metabolizes 3% of protein every day. Thus, an extra protein source is important for health. The nature of some functional substances, such as hormone, anti-body and plasma protein, is protein and polypeptide. Protein composites human tissues and involves in tissue repair. It essential for body growth, daily nutrition and rehabilitation. As one of the most important nutrition, protein is closely connected with life actions, taking part in body composition, genetic information and metabolism, providing calories to satisfy physiological needs and preventing cardiovascular diseases. It can also be used as a substitute of animal protein and lighten the kidney burden of patients with diabetes.

[Suitable For]
1.Pregnant Women and Lactation Women
Delivery and nursing consume more protein than the normal. Deficiency of quality protein will decrease protein content in milk and the biosynthesis of amino acids. Supplement of protein during breastfeeding is essential for babies for intelligence development.
2.Children and Adolescents
During the period of growing and development, lack of protein impedes the natural process of body mature. For adolescent, extra protein provides quality raw material for hormone synthesis, smoothening the development phase.

Young and middle-aged people who reach their peak physical condition also need supplement protein. Nutritional deficiency and sub-health are common in modern society and this group especially needs quality protein to balance the body.

4.Old People
For old people, the protein is catabolized deficiently and amino acid increasingly consumed due to the hypofunction of body. Thus, it important for them to supplement protein to prevent all kinds of disease.

In order to maintain focus, doctors in American usually suggest drivers take in food with high protein. Plant protein is able to meet drivers requirement on protein as well as promotes the anti-fatigue ability of brain, ensuring safe driving.

6.White-collar Worker
Under heavy working load, white collars usually experience nutrient loss. Protein powder can regulate organ function achieving perfect physiological state. Protein powder is the catalyst for white collars advancing.

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