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High Calcium Protein Powder


High calcium protein powder, raw material of protein powder, is abstracted from Non-GM soybean. It is rich in protein, reasonable in proportion of amino acid and low in fat, and especially added calcium to well and reasonably balance nutrition. Besides supplement of protein, it can also lower the risk of coronary disease. As a first-choice source of plant proteins, it is especially good for fetus, infants, children, youngsters and old people. It's  well known that protein is the material basis of life and a main composition of cells and tissues. It involves and regulates metabolism and promotes intelligence development.

Suitable For
1.Pregnant and nursing woman. Besides satisfying her own demand, a pregnant or nursing woman has to take in a lot of protein to meet the need of fetus or baby. Nutritionists recommend that besides eggs and meat, it's better to consume 100-500g soybean protein every day for a woman with 5 month since it's the time that fetus grows fastest.

2.Children and adolescents who are in growing and development period:  metabolism is fast during growing and development period, and sufficient protein is beneficial for body development and intellectual growth.

3.Vegetarian and people with dietary bias: people shall take in balanced food, while vegetarians take in no animal products

4.People who are old, asthenic and in convalescence: poor digestive absorption due to weakness


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