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Diet Tea


The tea contains aromatic compounds which can dissolve fat and stop lipids stocking in body. VB1, VC and caffeine promotes gastric secretion, contributing to digestion and fat burning.

Diet tea proved by functional and toxicology studies can further lipometabolism and maintain normal physiologic function. In addition, it overcomes the shortcomings of food-replacement, defecating and nervous depressing weight-loss products, such as damage of diet, reducing body function and inducing diseases.
The function of tea polyphenols is to enhance metabolism, resist oxidization and cleans free radical; the triglyceride lipase and activated protein kinase to reduce the accumulation of fat. By this way, the tea reaches the goal of weight loss.

Suitable For:
1.People who don't get benefit from diet pills;
2.People who want to lose weight safely, instead of by sports and operation.
3.People who want to lose weight of the waist, belly and shanks.
4.Brides-to-be and movie stars who want to lose weight in a short period.


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