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Lipid-lowering Tea



The tea integrates advantages of herbals. It, taking green tea as main raw material and being added with gynostemma pentaphyllum, cassia seed, lotus leaf and prepared fleece flower root, has the function of reducing lipid, clearing heat, helping digestion, strengthening the spleen and stomach. Gynostemma pentaphyllum and prepared fleece flower root replenish Qi; lotus leaf and cassia seed clear summer-heat. The tea combines and balance replenishing and clearing, which conforms to Chinese traditional culture of health preserving based on Yin-Yang theory. It is featured with the excellence of health care products of traditional Chinese medicine: no harm to the balance of body and vitality Qi and without side effect of chemical medicine. Another specific characteristic of the tea is the guiding herbal of green tea, by which the tea conserves natural quality of herbals tasting delicate and sweet and makes it possible to enjoy relaxing drinking as well as take care of body health. Herbals in the tea can effectively reduce serum cholesterol and triglyceride and increase good cholesterol HDL which is called 'cleaner of cardiovascular system'. Drinking the tea regularly can reduce blood lipid, blood viscosity and index of arteriosclerosis and regulate the content of lipoprotein, that is improve atherosclerosis and prevent cardiovascnlar and cerebrovascular diseases. Long term use of the tea can reduce fat, lose weight, brighten eyes, nourish liver and skin and prolong life, as well as prevent early graying hair and loss of teeth.

Suitable For:
patients with hyperlipidemia and middle-aged and old people

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