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Aloe Capsule

Aloe Capsule is prepared by fresh aloe leaves. The central parts of aloe leaves are made into even serous fluid, then filtrated and treated with high temperature sterilization or pasteurization, and then added appropriate composition to get aloe gel. By this way, the active ingredients of aloe are reserved and make the product clear. Evaporating the fluid at 40-50鈩?can obtain many concentrated products, such as aloe gel (10 times), aloe gel (40 times) and other distillates (200 times). Aloe contains a lot of amino acid, vitamine, polysaccharide, anthraquinone compounds, various enzymes and mineral substances (especially strontium and germanium), which are good for health. Aloe can diminish inflammation, strengthen immunity, heal wound, clear heat, relaxing bowels, prevent colonitis, reduce blood lipid, sugar and pressure, promote circulation system and sleep and prevent and cure digestive diseases.

Suitable For
1. Women whose skin lack luster and elasticity
2. People who feel fatigue, sad and who are difficult to fall in sleep
3. People who get angry easily and who are erratic or irregular in defecating
4. Middle-aged and old people with constipation and poor intestinal function
5. Women who want to remove acne and wrinkle and whitening skin
6. People who are suffering with constipation, obesity and haemorrhoids
7. People with vivotoxin accumulated in body, whelk and pimples and who are puffiness
8. People with gastrointestinal disorders caused by irregular life and poor constitution
9. People with bad breath caused by accumulation of vivotoxin

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