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Vitamin E

Vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin and also named totaxin, is one of the most important anti-oxidant. Definition: a group of fat-soluble vitamins includes totaxin, tocotrienol. All of these are anti-oxidants and essential for growth and development. Applied science: biochemistry and molecular biology (first class); hormone and vitamine (second class) soluble in organic solvent fat and ethanol and insoluble in water, resistant to heat and acid, nonresistant to base, sensitive to oxygen, and insensitive to heat, but activity of Vitamin E is significantly reduced during frying. Totaxin can promote the sex hormone secretion, enhance fertility, prevent abortion and male infertility, and cure burn, cold injury, bleed of capillary and climacteric syndrome and be applied to cosmetology. It is also found that it can inhibit the lipid peroxidation in crystalline lens, expand peripheral vessel, improve blood circulation and prevent and control myopia.

Suitable For
1. People drinking the water sterilized by chlorination have to supplement Vitamin E
2. People taking in contraceptive, aspirin, alcohol and hormone need supplement Vitamin E
3. People with cardiovascular disease, parkinson disease, pregnant women and middle aged and old people should supplement Vitamin E
4. Children whose nervous system is sensitive to Vitamin E. When they are lack of Vitamin E, the untimely introduction of Vitamin may cause neurological symptoms quickly.

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