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Propolis Soft Capsule

Quality purified propolis (with much less heavy metals, beewax and other detrimental impurities than the natural propolis to reduce harm of body) is added with salad oil (contains polyethylene glycol) in proper proportion (usually 10-30%) after solution and then made into soft capsule in standard GMP plant. Features: can be absorbed fast, easy to take and carry along, good taste, convenient for storing.

Function & Efficacy
1. Strengthening immunity, cleansing free radicals, resisting radiation and delaying senescence
2. Strong inhibition to pathogenic microorganism and protecting liver
3. Killing and inhibiting cancer cells
4. Protecting gastric mucosa. Long-term use of propolis is helpful to chronic gastritis and ulcer.
5. Intensifying the contractility of myocardium and liver, regulating blood pressure, lipid and sugar and cleaning blood
6. Easing the climacteric symptoms
7. Inspiring the nature beauty of skin, refining and smoothening skin and enhancing skin elasticity

Suitable For
1. People with bypoimmunity and weak constitution
2. Women with endocrine dyscrasia, stain, wrinkle and whelk
3. People who are tend to be fatigue
4. Patients with gastrointestinal diseases and diabetic
5. People with insufficient flavones
6. Patients with tumor
7. People who need improve allergic constitution, nourishing skin and delaying senescence

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