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Melatonin Pills

Melatonin, produced by pineal body at the central part of brain at night, is a platinum hormone that delays aging of body, supports immune system, regulates other hormones to maintain normal concentration and circulation, and maintains body temperature, fertility, blood pressure, kidney function and beating of heart. The immunity system and energy system are also under the control and regulation of melatonin with its function of anti-stress and antioxidation to achieve stable internal environment, healthy body and longevity.
After adolescence, the melatonin will gradually decrease with age and decline sharply since 45. The melatonin level of a 60-year old people is only one fifth or less of the adolescent. Declining of melatonin is a major cause of aging problems, such as insomnia, dreaminess, fatigue and forgetfulness. A normal level of melatonin is a prerequisite of sound sleep. Supplement of melatonin is able to keep good mental state, improve sleep, resist aging, support immune system and strengthen anti-disease ability.
Suitable For
1.People experiencing insomnia and poor sleep
2.People with the signs of fatigue and forgetfulness
3.People with memory deterioration or senile dementia
4.People with hypoimmunity

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