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Spirulina is a kind of lower plant, which is a filament made up of a single cell or more cells. The filament is 200-500 um in length and 5-10 um wide, cylindrical shape, shows a spiral bending with a regular loose or close spiral like a spring in a clock and this is why it is called spirulina. Spirulina is a kind of light autotrophic organisms; the algal cells contain photosynthetic layer plates (thylakoid), vitamin, crude protein, crude fat, carbohydrates and carotene, etc.

1. Spirulina contains abundant protein, up to 60-70%, far better than the general concept of food in the nutrition and it is also several times more than that in soybean, beef and eggs. Protein is the basic element in maintaining life.

2. Spirulina contains abundant carotene which is 15 times more than that in carrot and 40-60 times more than that in spinach.
3. Spirulina contains rich vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, B11, B12, C and E. There are various kinds of B vitamins and each of them has a special physiological function, lacking of any one could lead to diseases.

4. Spirulina contains a variety of trace elements essential to human body, like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and phosphorus, iodine, selenium, iron, copper and zinc. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia, zinc deficiency to dysphasia and selenium can activate the DNA repair enzyme which stimulates generation of the immune globulin and antibody, capture free radicals, reduce or resist some metal toxicity in the body and inhibit carcinogenesis of some carcinogen substances. Selenium can also prevent puna.

5. In the spirulina contains chlorophyll A which has its unique function of blood hematopoiesis and purification. For the safety and high digestibility of Spirulina, in 1980, Dr.Chamorro published more than 60000 words of research report and proved that edible spirulina was safe and non-toxic, Ministry of Health in the People's Republic of China and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States have authenticated that spirulina is completely free from non-toxic side effects and it is the most safe health care product.

The cell wall of spirulina is very thin, thickness of only 40-60 um, and it is constructed by the peptidoglycan which is easy to degrade and the digestion absorption rate is up to 95%.

6. Spirulina contains much  linolenic acid which has the function to promote calcium absorption, improve immunity, prevent metabolic disorders and prevent aging.  linolenic acid is the prostaglandin precursor which is changed into precursor under the action of a oxygenase. Prostaglandins have an effect on reproductive, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive and nerve systems.

7. The polysaccharide in spirulina has a function of anti-radiation and indirectly inhibits proliferation of cancer cells via enhancement organism immunity. Further, polysaccharide in spirulina can improve the activity of SOD in plasma and reduce lipid peroxide generation to obtain the effect of anti-ageing.

Suitable for:
1. Old people
In the old people who take spirulina, 45% of them are for a particular disease, 28% for keeping the body healthy and 12% for supplement of nutrition. In people who take spirulina for the particular disease, 22% of those are to increase blood sugar, 15% to protect the eyes and 14% to cure constipation.
2. Babies
The United Nations put forward that world breast milk feeding rate shall be 80% in 2000. Spirulina can effectively improve serum protein, and contains rich vitamin, unsaturated fatty acids and enzymes, which have a good effect of the natural prolactin.

3. Teenagers
The abundant nutritional ingredients in spirulina can meet the demand of exuberant metabolism and growth and development for the youth.

4. Women
The natural nourishing effect in the cosmetic and safety and effectiveness in losing weight in the spirulina has obtained widespread approval by ladies. In addition, many ladies, for physical special reasons, suffer from anemia; consequently, iron complement is required. Spirulina is rich in iron which is easy to be absorbed. In addition, the long-term use of spirulina food can also alleviate women premenstrual syndrome and regulate the female endocrine.  

5. Athletes
Spirulina is an alkaline food which maintains blood in the human body to be in normal weak alkaline and has a special effect for eliminating fatigue and has an obvious effect for improving the athlete's endurance, explosive force and promoting body function improvement.

6. People who use computers

In the modern society, the electromagnetic radiation makes us nowhere to hide, especially, for people who operate computer and use mobile phones for a long term. The spirulina is the world recognized anti-radiation auxiliary treatment food.

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