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Soy isoflavones

Soy isoflavones is a kind of bioactive substances refined from non-genetically modified soybean, with a variety of important physiological active natural nutritional factors, and also a kind of natural plant estrogens, which can be easily absorbed by human body and hence can quickly supplement nutrition. Among 100g of soybean samples, there is 128 mg isoflavones; separin produced by the traditional method contains 102 mg isoflavone, while soymilk contains 9.65 mg isoflavone, as water content of soymilk accounts for 93.27%, so 100 g of dry matter of soymilk contains more than 100 mg isoflavones. Tofu contains 27.74 mg isoflavones, of which dry matter contains more than 200 mg isoflavones. Isoflavones is a kind of weak plant female planned economics hormone, and soybean is a sole effective source for human being to obtain isoflavones. In the case of strong estrogen physiologically active, isoflavones can work with anti-estrogen effect, reduce the risk of cancers (e.g. breast cancer) activated by estrogen. When the period of post-menopausal, estrogen levels of women will play down, isoflavones can play an alternative role to avoid hot flashes and other menopause symptoms occurring. Isoflavones has a very prominent anti-cancer property and can hinder the growth and spread of cancer cells. It has impact only on cancer cells rather that normal cells. Isoflavones is also an effective antioxidant and can prevent the generation of oxygen radicals, which is a kind of strong carcinogenic factors. It is thus clear that there are a variety of ways and means of the anti-cancer effects of isoflavones.


Prevention of menopausal syndrome

Due to ovarian dysfunction in women before and after menopause, estrogen levels of women will decline, which causes the function adjustment of various organs and tissues incompatible, leading to a series of illnesses, so estrogen replacement therapy can achieve the purpose of the prevention and treatment of such disorders. The performance of women in menopause will be shown as: hot flashes, sweating, chills, chest distress, palpitations, short breath, dizziness, fluctuations of blood pressure; these performance will further cause emotional instability, irritability, irritability or depression, worry, insomnia, memory loss, being absent-minded and  comprehensive judgment declining.

Prevention & improvement of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis means bone becomes brittle, fragile and easy to be fractured due to phalanx tissues reduced. This is commonly found on the post-menopausal women and older men (due to hormone changes or lack of calcium and vitamin D). The incidence of the middle-aged women with osteoporosis is much more than that of men, mainly due to the estrogen levels decline, negative balance of bone metabolism and osteopenia after ovarian function decline. Isoflavones can work in combination with estrogen receptors on bone cells to reduce bone loss, increase the body's absorption of calcium and thus increase bone density.

Prevention of breast cancer

Long-term taking only estrogen can increase the incidence of breast cancer, endometrial cancer by 5-7 times. With material structure similar to that of estrogen, soy isoflavones are able to bind to the female receptors on cell surface, activate other anti-cancer mechanisms and reduce the risk of endometrial cancer and breast cancer due to high-level estrogen for women.

Prevention of cancer

Soy products contain five kinds of known anti-cancer factors, one of them is phytoestrogen (isoflavones), which is special anti-cancer factor contained in soybean food. It is concluded by the scientists: oxidation resistance and anti-proliferation efficacy of genistein is the main reason for its anti-cancer effect. Soy isoflavones plays a significant role in the treatment of breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer and leukemia. It also can prevent the occurrence of ovarian cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer and prostate cancer.
Through a large number of studies, it has been found that soy isoflavones can not only make cancer cells turn into cells with normal function, but also inhibit the undesirable lumps structure and prevent tumor growth and spread of cancer cells .

Prevention of cardiovascular disease

Heart disease is also a kinds of diseases related to estrogen. As phytoestrogens, the mechanism of soy isoflavones to lower blood lipids and prevent heart disease is: the estrogen play a role in promoting thyroid hormone secretion and bile excretion. During lowering cholesterol, it can reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol without lowering high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, this has been fully proved. As features of flavonoids, isoflavones biological has an antioxidant effect, which is very important, because the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol is a key factor for atherosclerosis process. Women received daily 80mg pure genistein can increase arterial elasticity by about 26%.

Prevention of Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease is the most common kind of dementia, while women suffering from it account much more percentage. It has been shown by studies in recent years that the human brain also belongs to the target tissues of the role of estrogen. The hippocampus synaptosome with a memory function in brain contains estrogen receptor. It has been confirmed by the medical circle that the level of estrogen is very closely related to senile dementia, so it is beneficial for the brain to take soy isoflavones and genuine estrogen.

Effect on beauty and anti-aging

Estrogen contained in soy isoflavones can bring with smooth, delicate, soft and flexible skin, make women have a rejuvenated style. By estrogen supplementation, women can activate the adipose tissue in the breast and attract the free fat directionally to the breast, hence to achieve the effects of graceful breast.
Studies have shown that, for the modern women with early menopause, taking soy isoflavones for a long time can maintain normal levels of estrogen in body, postpone menopause and achieve anti-aging.

Improving menstrual discomfort

Menstrual discomfort is commonly related to estrogen secretion imbalance, long-term using soy isoflavones can maintain normal levels of estrogen and achieve the purpose to improve menstrual discomfort.

Improving sexual quality of life

The estrogen contained in soy isoflavones can increase the maturity of the epithelial cells in the female vaginal, enhance the vaginal muscle elasticity and hence improve the sexual quality of life.

Degrading cholesterol
Cardiovascular disease (CHD) is a kinds of multifactorial diseases, of which, cholesterol (Ch) plays an important role. A large-scale study involved 5000 people conducted in Japan, the results indicated that soy isoflavones has a function to lower cholesterol Ch and inhibit thrombosis. A study on young women in U.K., proved the dose-response relationship of isoflavone: more than 45mg isoflavones dosage per day for consecutive 30 days can reduce the overall Ch and LDL-Ch levels by 10%, while 23mg isoflavones fails to work.

Regulating blood lipid
Soy isoflavones can reduce the susceptibility of the organism on serum LDL oxidation. After being oxidized, the serum LDL lipoprotein can activate the phagocytosis of macrophages in human body, develop into foam cells inside the arterial wall, and thus form atherosclerotic plaques. Soy isoflavones not only has antioxidant properties, but also can induce the activity increase of antioxidant enzymes, enhance the inoxidability of serum LDL for prevention of atherosclerotic plaque being formed inside arterial wall and prevent vascular sclerosis. At the same time, it increases the compliance of the artery blood vessel to dilate the blood vessels. Soy isoflavones can also inhibit the atherosclerotic process by affecting the tyrosine kinase, including foam cells, fat-like pattern, hyperplasia, infiltration of fibrous plaques, rupture and ulcers, hence maintain the smooth flow of the heart arteries and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Suitable for middle-aged women
Based on the understanding of female ovarian function decline, it is needed for the 35 -year-old women to start taking isoflavones, small doses is required for those under 40 years old, adequate doses for those of 41-50 years old and large doses for those of 50 years old ; for any women with menopausal symptoms, the dose must be increased and shall be adjusted based on personal feelings and physical reactions. (Note: for pregnant and lactating women, it is not allowed to take any isoflavones.)
Group                                       Age (-years old)                   Recommended daily dose              Taking cycle
No symptoms of menopausal       Women over the age of 40     50mg a day          Intermittently
No symptoms of menopausal       Women over the age of 50     50-100mg a day          Without interruption
With symptoms of menopausal     30-40             50mg      should take continually until 2-3 months after symptoms of menopausal disappear, 
With symptoms of menopausal     40-50             100mg    take until symptoms of menopausal disappear, then keep on taking for 2-3 months with a less dose of 50mg a day.
With symptoms of menopausal     above 50 150mg    take until symptoms of menopausal disappear, then keep on taking for 2-3 months with a less dose of 100mg a day., 
Suitable for sick people
Cardiovascular patient groups
Senile dementia
Prostatic hypertrophy
Female menopause disabilities
Suitable for sub-health population
Persons required improving liver function and preventing diabetes
Patient with coprostasis  

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