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Natural Liquid Calcium

Calcium is the most common mineral element in the human body and many people call it vividly as the mineral substance of skeleton  The skeleton is an organ which grows continuously and it is mainly composed of collagen and calcium phosphate. The collagen is a protein which forms soft tissue, and the calcium phosphate is a mineral substance which increases the strength of skeleton and tenacity of soft tissues. Approximately 99% of calcium in the human body is used to strengthen the skeleton and teeth.

Why shall we buy liquid calcium?
Generally, calcium tablet is a solid without containing vitamin D and it is difficult to be absorbed and used in the human body. The liquid calcium does not only contain rich calcium but also that vitamin D3 is added. The liquid capsule is in liquid state, which is quite easy to be absorbed and the vitamin D3 can increase the permeability of intestinal mucosa to calcium ions to promote calcium absorption in the intestine. Meanwhile, Vitamin D3 can regulate metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in the human body so as to keep a normal growth and development of skeleton and teeth. The calcium ions have a close relation with the normal physiological function of nerve information transmission and muscles. Plenty of calcium is beneficial to normal pulsation of heart. It is a healthy foodstuff for pregnant women, children and middle and old people, especially for women.

Nutrition knowledge of liquid calcium soft capsule
1.It contributes to form strong and healthy skeleton and teeth, effectively reduces the loss of sclerotic caused by increase of age and slows down osteoporosis condition.
2.Regulate somatic function, assist ferric metabolism in the human body and promote the effect of amino acid.
3.Reduce aluminum accumulation in the body, assist in decrease of cholesterol level and have a preventive effect on senile dementia, hypertension and other CVDs.
4.Improve the symptoms of insomnia, amnesia and dreaminess and assist in normal activity of nerve system and blood clotting after injury.
5.Assist in contraction and expansion and in regulation of heart beat.

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