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Qi&blood Circulation Machine

1. Cell activation and immunity function improvement
The spiral of high frequency vibration will promote blood circulation, increase the oxygen carrying volume of blood and accelerate the metabolism to activate cells, improve human immunity and physique and make the body healthier.

2. Blood vessel cleaning and blood circulation promotion
The spiral and high frequency vibration of Qi- blood circulation machine will lead to the human body resonance to promote the blood circulation and achieve blood vessel expansion and vascular wall flushing, so that the harmful substance cannot precipitate in the walls of blood vessels, and at the same time, make the original precipitation of harmful substance decompose. Then, the precipitations will be exchanged in the kidneys and discharged out of body with the blood circulation. Cleaning of blood vessels can effectively improve the oxygen carrying volume of blood and promote blood circulation and to achieve the effect of prevent disease prevention and the body building.

3. Dredging the channel and prolonging life
According to the traditional Chinese medicine, main and collateral channels are the general name of the meridians and collaterals of the body and its auxiliary parts. It is the channel for circulation of blood and fluid in the human body. It is a functional system for up and down and inside and outside communication, viscera segments contact, Qi and blood running and the internal balance regulation. Qi is a substance which constitutes the human body and maintains the life activities of the human body and it can be interpreted as functional activities of all the internal organs in the human body. Blood comes from the spleen and stomach, moves and digests food essence which will be changed to blood by the blood change effect of lungs and heart. The relationship between Qi and blood is close, in which the blood flow depends on drive of Qi. Therefore, there is a saying that lood moves as Qi moves, blood stagnates as Qi stagnates ? The circulation of Qi, i.e. viscera functional activities, depends on nourishment from blood. So Qi and blood is a pair of mutual support and mutual effect substance, which can make all the tissues and organs in human body remain vigorous. It is the most important factor for healthy of human body. The spiral and high frequency vibration of Qi and blood circulation machine stimulates Shu-acupoint of main and collateral channels, enriches and promotes the circulation of Qi to make human body in the best coordination and balance state to achieve the purpose of health care and prolonged life via adjustment of main and collateral channels and establish connection between viscera with all organs of the whole body.

4. Internal organs strengthening and anti-disease capability enhancing as a whole
The human body is an organic whole with coordinated operation, if a certain viscera organ is abnormal and not treated in time, other organs will be affected to make integral lose balance, thus weakening the human body disease-resistant ability and external cause will step in and cause lesions. In the spiral and high frequency vibration, the corresponding reflection area of each organ will be strongly stimulated. The stimulation will be transferred into nerve center, causing the center to make repair response and the function of the sick organ will be rapidly adjusted and strengthened. Consequently, the body balance is restored and the integrated anti-disease capability strengthened. 

5. Adjustment of YIN and YANG balance and strengthening nerve system
According to the biological holographic theory, foot and hand has a nerve reflex zone corresponding to various organs of human body, and hand and foot is the collection area for nerve endings in the human body. The spiral and high frequency vibration of Qi- blood circulation machine stimulates the corresponding acupuncture point and starts the internal adjustment function via the nerve reflex action to activate the function of all organs and tissues to strengthen the body's immune system, adjust the balance of Yin and Yang and strengthen neural system. Consequently, it functions as disease prevention and keeps the body healthy.

6. Organism building and fatigue allaying
The spiral and high frequency vibration of Qi- blood circulation machine massages and stimulates the corresponding acupuncture point to obtain biological resonance effect produced by all parts of the human body to enhance functions of all organs in the human body and improve the human immunity. The acceleration of metabolism makes the body stronger, physical recovery faster and indefatigability of the body.

7. Beautifying skin and muscle tension and elasticity recovery
The spiral and high frequency vibratory massage of Qi- blood circulation machine can accelerate the blood circulation and make blood capillary dilate and congest to produce consciousness warm, make the skin surface clean and sebum secretion clear. Therefore, regular massage can make the skin smooth and moist. At the same time, the dilation of vessels makes muscle tissues get a lot of nutrition supply timely, preventing stiffness caused by accumulations from fatigue material or the muscle atrophy after pathological changes and make muscle have a good tension and elastic.

8.Weight losing and shape building and removing excessive fat proud flesh
The spiral and high frequency vibratory massage makes the capability of oxygen carrying of blood increase and promotes fat burning and decomposition sufficiently in the body, eliminates the proud flesh and consequently achieves the effect of losing weight.

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