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Aloe Gelatin

The juice (purification processed) obtained from perennial liliaceous aloe leaf is mainly composed of aloe emodin, aloe anthracene ketone, various sugars, enzyme and amino acids. It is a light yellowish green liquid with relative density of 0.98 to 1.02 and pH value 4 to 6.
It is mainly used in cosmetics (aloe glue) of protective products for the skin and hair, with the effect of moisturizing, sunscreen, deodorization, preventing obesity, softening skin, diminishing inflammation and itching relief, whelk and freckle prevention. It can also be used in medicine and food.
Method of application
1. After skin cleaning, evenly apply it to the face and wash it away with clear water 20 minutes after.
Suggestion: use it once in every other day, keep on using and a healthy skin of tender, fair and bright will reappear soon.
Effect of aloe gel
1. Hydrating: contain rich natural physiological water, minerals and lignin which have extremely strong permeability, like sponge water suction to reach directly to the deepest layer of skin and supplement moisture needed by skin.

2. Whitening and moisturizing: contains rich various kinds of amino acids and natural whitening and moisturizing factor which can be directly absorbed and decomposed by skin and convert pigment deposition to achieve natural moisturizing and whitening.

3. Anti-aging: contain rich monosaccharide, polysaccharide, vitamins and minerals and have remarkable cure effect on the cell aging and the wrinkle reduction.

4. Anti-inflammation, sterilization, pain killing and toxin discharge: contain aloe emodin and Anthraquinone Complex; external application has a strong ability to promote the wound healing and leaves no scar on large area after wound healing; repair damaged skin and have a very good efficacy in treatment of adolescent annoying whelks and acnes.

5. Sunscreen: aloe total anthraquinone can absorb ultraviolet ray in UVA and UVB to prevent the skin from sunburning and sunburn generation.

6. Anti insect bite: apply it on the skin in the summer to prevent skin from itching and mosquito bites and it has very good sterilizing effect.
7. Eczema prevention: eczema will likely occur when the child uses diapers for a long time; it has very good effect of anti-inflammation, sterilization and itch relieving.

8. Peculiar smell removing: it has the function of stinking feet and body prevention.

9. Hairdressing: contain rich monosaccharide, polysaccharide, anthraquinone glycoside and minerals, which have the effect of the hair root strengthening, hair growth, hair loss and broken prevention and dandruff removing, etc. and have a very good repair action on hair perm and dye.

10. Hair baking oil: evenly apply it on hair before air wash, it will permeate to the scalp and hair root, wash the hair after 30min hot steaming with a towel or bath cap and the hair will be bright, black and smooth.

11. Face beautification: apply with patting directly onto the skin and it also can be used as nutrition water for making facial mask.

12. Body care: add it in warm water for bath or pat it on the skin and it has the function of hydrating, inflammation diminishing, antibiosis, moistening and peculiar smell removing.

13. Hand and foot care: it can be used in foot soaking, eliminating beriberi, stinking feet, athlete's foot and foot crack.

Method of application
2. Hydrating facial mask, soak sufficient aloe gel in the compressed face film paper and apply it on facial skin or body skin where 6 to 10min is needed.
3. Directly apply it on scalp or hair for hair care and nourishment

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