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Anion Toothbrush

ETERNAL anion tooth cleaning brush is a patented product. The patent certificate number is: ZL02254190.X, and it is awarded the Zhejiang Province High and New Technological Achievements Certificate (Zhejiang Hi-tech Certificate 2003:185). Anion tooth cleaning brush is the present domestic and international pioneering household commodity with effective treatment and prevention of oral and tooth diseases. It successfully takes today's world advanced ion bone fracture setting technology for reference, selects special materials and uses advanced scientific principle and technology in ionization electronics, electrochemical and trace elements releasing to achieve an important breakthrough in the treatment and prevention of the human tooth and oral diseases.Anion tooth cleaning brush mainly has the following six efficacies:
(2) Effectively remove plaque;
(3) Eliminate halitosis,
(4) Fix loose teeth;
(5) Prevent dental caries, eliminate hypersensitive dentin;
(6) Treatment and prevention of oral ulcer.
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