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Coenzyme Q-10

1.Heart protection: coenzyme Q-10 is helpful in providing sufficient oxygen for myocardium to prevent sudden heart attack, especially in case of myocardial anoxia.
2.Antioxidant activity: reduce skin wrinkle and prolong skin aging (the increase of wrinkle and skin aging are related to Q10 content, the lower content lead to quicker skin aging and more facial wrinkles. Q10 may be taken orally, when sufficient Q10 is contained in cells, energy metabolism will be enhanced to clear radicals, therefore slowing down wrinkle growth.)
3.Promote energy transformation and become more energetic: coenzyme Q-10 help to transform food into the energy form needed cell survival (such as ATP), keeping the cells in optimal state, make people feeling more energetic;
4.Improve immunity and prolong aging; coenzyme Q-10 is a natural antioxidant generated from cells, and may block the formation of radicals, therefore being helpful in maintaining the normal functioning of immune system and prolonging aging;
5.Significantly effective in preventing coronary heart disease, relieving periodontitis, treating duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer and alleviating angina.
6. Prevent chronic fatigue syndrome: coenzyme Q-10 keep the cells in a good health, making the body energetic and mentally abundant. 
Coenzyme Q-10 is suitable for:
1.Athletes, Mental workers, and those with poor immunity will benefit from the complement of coenzyme Q-10;
2.Patients with heart diseases, periodontitis, stomach and intestinal ulcers, Alzheimer's disease, and diabetes will be improved by the complement of coenzyme Q-10;
3.Serious bleeding gums patients should take also more coenzyme Q-10 in addition to vitamin C complement.

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