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Car Massage Cushion

Five Efficacy of Car Massage Cushion
The concept of massage originated from Chinese medicine, and was later widely used in various industries such as medical and beauty. It was initially operated on meridians, acupuncture points and muscles artificially. Car massage cushion is embedded with health care function in the existing car seats and can simulate labor practices and massage different parts of body. What advantage will the use of car massage cushion or the installation of car massage cushion to the car bring to the car owner? And what benefit can it bring to human health? Now, please see the following descriptions.
1.  Car massage cushion can smooth meridian
I believe that many drivers may have the feeling of pain both in the waist and neck after a long period of driving. This is because of the degeneration of bones and soft tissues. The car owners must realize the signals threatening health and adjust as soon as possible, otherwise the pain will worsen. Car massage cushion can relax muscle spasms, enhance the local blood circulation, raise the temperature of local tissues and improve the pain of local tissues. Also it can fully stretch the muscles of tension or spasm and so as to relieve the tension or spasm and eliminate pain.
2. Car massage cushion can help put back a twisted joint
Car massage cushion can simulate artificial manipulations such as pushing, kneading and so on. It can help adjust the symptom of dislocation of the joint, staggered cranial suture, soft tissue tear, tendon slippage, nucleus pulposus prolapse and synovial incarceration, and finally eliminate pathological factors causing muscle spasms and local pain, and will help in the repair and function reconstruction of the damaged tissue.
3. Car massage cushion can regulate the nervous system
The symptoms of low back pain, headache, dizziness and so on will occur after stopping from a long time of one posture or movement. The use of car massage cushion has the effect of regulating the nervous system both by exciting and inhibiting the nervous system and can balance excitement and inhibition of the nerve. 
4. The use of car massage cushion can help improve resistance to diseases  
It is investigated that the use of car massage cushion for 10 minutes each day can help increase the total number of leucocytes slightly and elevate the phagocytic index and the level of serum antibody significantly, thus improve human  resistance to diseases.
5. Car massage cushion can improve blood circulation
Long period of the use of car massage cushion can improve blood circulation of the skin and muscle, promote the metabolism of the tissues and organs, enhance gastrointestinal function and stimulate or inhibit the nerve, and thus take the effect of analgesic, analgesia, inflammation, detumescence and antispasmodic. It can regulate body functions and enhance the immunity.
With the development of modern science and technology, the traditional artificial massage has developed into the machine-operating massage, such as car massage cushion, massage chair, car cervical massager and so on, which are increasingly accepted by humans and have become necessary health equipments to individuals and family. I believe you will also think it is necessary to own an appropriate car massage cushion after learning so many benefits brought by it. Care of body and concern of health shall start from every little thing in each day.  
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