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GCAT bracelet include checking exercise volume, monitoring sleep quality, intelligent alarm wake-up, etc. You can check the amount of exercise in real time through the mobile phone application, monitor the effect of walking and running, and identify more sports through the cloud. The Kungfu bracelet can automatically judge whether it is in the sleep state, record the deep sleep and light sleep respectively, and summarize the sleep time to help users monitor their sleep quality. The Kungfu bracelet is equipped with low-power Bluetooth chip and acceleration sensor,standby time 30 days. In addition, it supports IP67 level waterproof and dustproof, which means that it is not necessary to remove it in daily life.
GCAT bracelet also includes quantum energy technology, which combines quantum biology, pharmacology and bioinformatics, and uses electronic wave, radiation, energy and other forms of micro state to comprehensively, systematically, comprehensively and developmentally prevent, regulate, anti-aging, treat, rehabilitate and detoxify the body. A number of health data are accurately detected, which is easy , fast, simple, no burden, easy to test, check at any time, early warning of health problems.


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