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Natural Herbal Essence also known as Prunesl use Green Plum as the main carrier and other health ingredients such as Sangye-fenYulirenand Li Mingzi.They use advanced ultra-low term­perature frozen extraction technology to extract various natural herbal extracts. Unique in flavor, sweet and sour food therapy is a healthy behavior to achieve weight loss1 skin care and longevity.
Green Plum, the king of all fruits in health care is rich in minerals such as Calcium (Ca), Iron (Fe), Sodium (Na), Manganese (Mn), other essential nutrients and variety of organic acids in the human body.
The main health functions include:
= Has the unique effect of regulating gastrointestinal function/ can promote intestinal peristalsis and conditioning intestines thus has a significant effect on constipation
= Adjust the Acid-Base Balance and maintain the weak alkalinity of body fluidsl especially for neu­tralizing the acidosis of the blood
=Eliminate Fatigue and increase vitality.
Descriptions on active ingredients
= The active substances such as Pyruvate and OleicAcid contained in Green Plum have a protective effecton the liver, improve detoxification function of the liver and therefore enhance the ability of the human body to detox, water and blood poison.
(Note: In Asian countries such   Japan most restau-rants Add a Green Plum in diet to play a health role).
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