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GCAT Essential Oil

GCAT plant oil is developed and produced by well-known listed companies in the country. It is made by soaking more than 50 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines. It contains ginseng, saffron, polygala, woody incense, gastrodia, etc., and more than 50 kinds of ancient meridian recipes combined with modern high technology Refined extraction technology and transdermal technology of drug nano-small molecules.
Quickly and efficiently achieve qi, Tongluo, bone relieving, dampness, detoxification, and moisturizing, and wake up the three young vitality sources (qi and blood flow, relax joints, and remove turbidity and detoxification). Spray it, heat for 5 seconds, continue to activate the energy for 4 hours, easily solve muscles, neck and shoulders, waist and legs, joint acidity, swelling, numbness, stiffness, pain and other problems, is a must-have for every family!
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